The PDP-11/34A

PDP-11/34A and its peripherals

The PDP-11/34A was introduced by DEC in 1977 as a re-enginered version of the PDP-11/34. This one is mounted in a BA11-K mounting box which provides space for one 4-slot and two 9-slot Unibus backplanes. When i got it, the machine hadn't been used for at least 15 years, and so it was quite dirty, with dead spiders in the cardcage and such. After a year of doing the most necessary cleaning, fiddling and stuffing cards in the backplanes, i finally got it to a state in which it would boot from a RSX-11M 3.0 tape.

Currently, this machine got controllers for its KY11-LB programmers console, the RX02, the RK05, the two RL01 and the TS11, plus 8 line RS-232 communications controller named CIT CDZ-11. I plan adding a DMR11 and a DMP11 once i get the 11/24 running to connect the two 11s with DECnet, possibly making it accessible over the net. (That is, if i ever get software for this beast.)

PDP-11/34A with cover opened
The PDP-11/34A with its cover opened
close-up to the cardcage
close-up to the cardcage, module list


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