|d|i|g|i|t|a|l| pdp11

Woodstock's computing pages

As you can see on the pic above, i'm nuts for old stuff, especially for old computers, especially for those made by Digital Equipment Corporation and especially for their PDP-11 and VAX computers. I got a small collection of more or less old computers of different kinds and brands, most of them made by DEC, but also some Commodore, IBM, Siemens, HP and SGI stuff, and even some PCs. Besides trying to run some Unix on these critters i also try to get hands on their original operating systems and software, in case of the VAXen this means VMS and in case of the PDP-11 this means RT-11, RSX-11M (+) and RSTS/E. Some machines are too rare, too big and too expensive to operate, so i use emulators like simh, KLH10 and Hercules to play around with their original software.

Down here you will find some little programs i wrote and some stuff about my Sharp PC-E220.

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