|d|i|g|i|t|a|l| pdp11

Woodstock's collection

When I was 14 my parents convinced me that collecting stamps wouldn't satisfy a boy like me for long. Because of this I started collecting computers. Back then I was mostly interested small stuff like PCs and home computers from the 80ies. While growing up and learning more and more about the history of computing, my interest shifted to real computers, machines that were once used for real work by many people at once, machines that are slower than your digital watch while sounding like a small airplane and dissipating more heat than a typical radiator. And this is exactly what I like about them.

Since 2003-05-23 (!) I live in a bigger appartement, making it possible to use a whole room for all my computers. Expect to see some pictures and information about my collection and my new computing center at this place some time in the future. Currently there are only some RX50 disk images containing some old software for the DEC Professional and some MicroVAX diagnostics and some RX01 disk images containing some old RT11 distributions and software online.

The oldest and most interesting and most challenging part of my collection is a PDP-11 that I got in a friends basement.


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