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poker - a networked poker game


This is a simple networked poker game. Although reduced to the bare minimum, it is quite some fun even when played with telnet in linemode as client.

The gameplay is quite simple, it is modeled after the rules of classical Draw Poker as described here

The game consists of two parts, a server and a client. The server listens on a tcp port for client connections, it implements the rules of classical Draw Poker (the one you know from bad western movies ;-)) and a simple chat.

The client i included in the client directory is very limited, but it is still better than plain telnet in linemode (actually, this was its only design goal). You will need libcurses and libtermcap for it to compile.

A friend of mine who is too paranoid to tell me his name has written some client that runs on Windows, i will provide it here or at least link to it as soon as he puts it online.


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