The MicroVAX-II

MicroVAX-II in BA23 box

This box once was a VAXstation I, but when i got it, it just contained the KD32 CPU boards and a 3rd party 4MB Qbus RAM board. Because i thought i would need a VAX capable of running Unix near the PDPs i stuck a KA630 and some RAM, RQDX3, TQK50 and DELQA in and connected a spare RD54 on which i installed 4.3BSD-Quasijarus. Later i removed the RQDX3 and put a QD33 in to connect it to the two SMD disks in the box below. One of these disks turned out to contain a runnable Ultrix/VAX 2.3 installation for a VAXstation II that was shutdown somewhen back in 1989.


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